Talenox Q3 2023 Updates: Streamlining Employee Management and Payroll

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Hey there, Talenox community! We’re thrilled to introduce the Q3 2023 updates that take Talenox to the next level as an intelligent HR and Payroll Software. From simplifying employee working day settings to revolutionizing No Pay Leave deductions, we’ve got some game-changing enhancements for you. All these enhancements are the result of our talented and dedicated team of developers. Let’s dive in and discover what’s new! 🚀

1) Streamlined Employee Working Day & Hour Settings

Managing your employee’s working day and hour settings is now a breeze! In the past, there wasn’t a straightforward way to mass update or assign these settings through our import sheet. But the good news is here!

Introducing two new columns in the Employee Data Importing Sheet

We’ve added these columns to the employee data importing sheet:

  • Working Day
  • Working Hour

These new columns directly correspond to what you see in your employee profiles under the “Working Days and Hours” section.

So why did we make this change? We wanted to give you an easier way to view and update Working Days and Working Hours settings assigned to employees at a glance.

NOTE: The drop-down list in the employee data importing sheet will only show the options you’ve created in the “Working Hours Setting” and “Working Days Setting” in the Company Details page (found under Profiles > Company Details). So make sure to populate these fields first.

Ready to dive in? You can find the employee data importing sheet, whether it’s a Google Sheet or Excel, by following the steps in this guide:

How to Add Employees

With these updates, you can streamline your employee management like never before!

2) Effortless No Pay Leave Deductions

Next up, we’re shaking things up in the field of No Pay Leave (NPL) deductions.

Introducing Date Range Entry

Gone are the days of manually entering multiple NPL deductions one by one. Now, under Step 2 – Select Leave Payment/Deductions, you can enter a date range.

This update is a game-changer. You can enter essential details for manual NPL entries in your payroll batch:

  • Type of Leave Payment/Deduction
  • Specify if it’s a “Full Day” or “Half Day” application
  • Start Date (The beginning of the leave payment/deduction date range)
  • End Date (The end of the leave payment/deduction date range)

Important Note:

  • For single-day NPL, simply indicate the start and end date as the same date.
  • Multiple days NPL will automatically exclude days the employee is not working, based on their Working Day settings. You can set these schedules under Company Details > Working Days Setting.

Say goodbye to tedious data entry and hello to a more efficient payroll process!

Conclusion: Elevate Your HR and Payroll with Talenox

In conclusion, these Talenox Q3 2023 updates are all about making your HR and payroll tasks a breeze. We’re committed to simplifying your HR processes and hope you’ll find these new features invaluable.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to empower your HR journey. Thank you for choosing Talenox, and here’s to a productive and successful Q3 ahead!

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