data protection

In one of this year’s heaviest penalties imposed by Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), popular karaoke chain K Box Entertainment Group was fined S$50,000 for not putting in place sufficient security measures to protect the personal data of 317,000 members. Based on a report by Channel News Asia, it was specifically found that K Box had failed to: Update

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Talenox f&b panel discussion
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                    What do a Mexican fast food chain, a bar, and a vegetarian diner have in common? They all need staff, good ones especially. But attracting staff is a perpetual challenge. At the recent panel discussion hosted by iChef and Talenox, we invited the bosses behind three successful F&B brands in

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Talenox partners with SME Portal
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Collaboration has always worked out well for us at Talenox — we’re big fans of it, and we’re super pleased that we’re now service partners with SME Portal! Formerly known as EnterpriseOne, the Portal is a product of SPRING Singapore, government agencies and over 30 industry partners. It offers useful government and commercial information as well as business services for SMEs at

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unlimited leave policy
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Some say an unlimited leave policy draws a fine line between flexibility in the office and inefficiency in work attitudes. Companies like Netflix have famously professed their love for such a policy, saying that generous leave benefits could attract talent, and would lead to healthier and more creative employees. And yet, many businesses have been hesitant to offer unlimited vacation

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finding talent
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Image by Rishi via Zinx Misconception: creative job adverts, informal dress codes, and office parties are great for building a people-focused culture and retaining talent Truth: it takes a slightly more concerted effort. Finding the right people for your business involves knowing what to look for and what to offer. Here are three ways to do that: #1 Hire for

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dbs bank file upload
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Are you a Talenox client? Do you have business accounts with DBS? If you have a DBS IDEAL online account, simply log in to your Talenox account to upload your bank file and pay your employees in a few clicks. Today, we bring to you our 3rd installment of our Slideshare “How-To” series – a guide on uploading your bank

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Yong Hong and Justin_Greendot
F&BLiving in Singapore

Yong Hong is the CEO and co-founder of Greendot, a fast casual dining chain that serves healthy and contemporary Asian meatless meals. He is in charge of the daily grind at Greendot and aims to continually develop his team into the next generation of leaders. He believes that a clear vision and strong family culture is the key to happiness

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EntrepreneurshipF&BLiving in Singapore

Roxanne is the manager of two F&B brands in Singapore; Artichoke Cafe and Bird Bird. She is in charge of driving change, continued learning, employee relations and everything in between at both brands, and aspire to be part of a positive work environment at each. Editor’s note: This interview is part of Talenox’s Guest Interview series. This particular series is

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There’s gonna be so many great startups at Tech in Asia Singapore 2016, how would anybody find our Talenox booth? Well you don’t have to! Find Golly instead. For this event, Talenox is launching a special campaign — WHERE’S GOLLY? (Designed by Gordon. Credits: Wikimedia) Meet Golly, our resident version of Where’s Wally. He’ll be walking around quite a bit to

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itemised payslips solution
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SINGAPORE – It is official. This is not an April Fools’ joke. Firms are to issue Itemised Payslips from 1st April 2016 as changes to the Employment Act kicks in. As such, more firms have been looking around for itemised payslips solutions, such as Talenox,  to help them automate their payroll and generate electronic or hard copy payslips.   As

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