Talenox Updates 2019: Starting the year right

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With 2018 behind us, we’d like to help you usher in the new year with these humble offerings, direct from the Talenox factory:

Talenox Malaysia

Talenox Malaysia banner

Our Malaysia platform is now open for signups! Those in Malaysia will be pleased to know that it is fully localised for Payroll and Leave management. So, when you process your employee’s gaji on the Payroll module, EPF and other employee/employer contributions will automatically be calculated and reflected for you to approve. In addition to that, Talenox Malaysia also supports a growing number of bank/tax files. These include:

– UOB/CIMB bank files for quick and easy payroll disbursement- EPF file
– CP39 LHDN file
– SOCSO file
– MTD file

Read our very informative piece on the Talenox Malaysia platform and learn about the things it can do!

New employee tax forms for Singapore and Hong Kong companies


We haven’t forgotten about our users in Singapore and Hong Kong 🙂 For those in Singapore filing IR8A forms through our 1-click submission, you’ll now be able to make submission changes by amending the form directly in the Payroll app!

IR56E/F/G (HK)

We’ve added 3 new forms for Hong Kong businesses. These are the IR56E (new employment), IR56F (for termination of service/death), and the IR56G (for employees leaving Hong Kong for a substantial period of time). These can be accessed in the Payroll app, under Payroll Settings.

Launch of our API

We’ve got something for those interested in a bit of coding and techy stuff. Users can head to our API page to make use of our apps and webhooks to run tasks on Talenox. These include creating ad hoc payments, exporting payroll, and updating employee data, to name a few. Give those a try and let us know how it goes!


Further Updates to our Deputy Integration

We’re currently in the final phase of integrating time-scheduling software Deputy to our Leave module. When this is done, you’ll be able to pull approved leave dates into your time-scheduler and see who’s available (or not) to cover shifts.

HR Tech Clinic resumes

HR Tech Clinic March 2018
The HR Tech Clinic in March 2018 was a sold-out event

Our free HR Tech Clinics will be back on 30 January and 13 February, and we’ll be focusing on tax issues. We foresee this will be a popular one, so make sure to check our Facebook page or Eventbrite page for updates!

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