Talenox Updates Q4 2021: ISO27001 certification, Leave Types picker, and more.

talenox q4 2021
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Hi there! Talenox Updates Q4 2021 is here; find out what our busy developers have been working on in the last quarter.

If you’re a Talenox user or considering adopting Talenox for your HR operations, you’ll want to be updated on Talenox Updates Q3 2021. Feel free to check it out before reading all about Talenox Updates Q4 2021 here.

Talenox is now ISO27001 certified

As a self-service HR software provider, Talenox is certified to the highly acclaimed and internationally-recognised ISO 27001 standard. This shows that Talenox has the information security management to protect each client’s sensitive data.

Talenox system localised to include Indonesia

As you may already know, Talenox is currently updated with the latest labour laws and stipulations in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Recently, Talenox has included the Indonesia market in its localisation efforts.

Talenox Updates Q4 Indonesia

We offer two Talenox plan options in USD currency for small businesses in Indonesia.

Talenox FREE plan

Companies under this plan get to access features for basic payroll and employee data storage for FREE.

Talenox SUITE plan

Companies under this plan get to enjoy full functionality in the Profile, Payroll, and Leave modules – with the following affordable rates:

The first 10 active employees will be 20 USD per month. Thereafter, additional headcount will be charged accordingly:

  1. Full-timers – 2 USD per active employee/ month
  2. Part-Timers (daily/hour rated) – 1 USD per active employee/ month

We cap the total cost at 1,200 USD per month for each company or company’s entity.

Looking for an online HR software that simplifies the payroll process for your company in Indonesia?

New feature emails employee tax forms directly to employees

We have enabled for generated tax forms to be published to employees in Talenox via email.

Employee tax forms will be sent to each individual in an encrypted PDF format through their email addresses keyed into Talenox. The employee must key in their Date of birth in “DDMMYYYY” format to unlock the file.

Each email will include the following:

  • Set of instructions to unlock the encrypted file attachment
  • Identifying title for the tax form received through email


  • If an employee has a Talenox account, the system will send the PDF to their user account email. Otherwise, the system will send the PDF to the personal email in the employee’s profile (under Personal Details > Email).
  • If the employee is missing an email (does not have any email address keyed in for them in their employee profile nor user account email), the status will remain as “pending“, even after clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

Here are a few samples of the email that they will receive from Talenox, once tax forms are published to them:

Hong Kong example

Talenox Updates Q4 IR56B form email

Malaysia example

Talenox Updates Q4 EA form email

Singapore example

Talenox Updates Q4 IR8A form email

Improved visibility and accessibility for Leave Grades

The Leave module > Manage Leave policies > Settings layout features tables (instead of cards) with a filtering function that allows easy access and visibility over Leave Types and Leave Grades.

As seen in the screenshot of the Leave Type tab below, users can now click on any Leave Type to reveal Leave Grades attached to it.

In the Leave Grades tab, users can also click on any Leave Grade to view the Leave Types attached to it.

In the Leave Approval Structure tab, we’ve also engineered a red banner notification that will inform the user of any employees without a leave approval structure, if any.

Improved customisation for Leave Grades

Remarks field

All Leave Grade forms now have a remarks field.

Leave Types picker

In addition, both Default Leave Grade and Custom Leave Grade forms have a Leave Types picker; previously, only the Default Leave Grade forms had the feature.

However, do note that while the Default Leave Grade form shows all the leave types available, the Custom Leave Grade forms does not inherit all leave types (except Annual Leave). It’s worth noting that the Custom Leave Grade form only shows the Annual Leave type for users who request to disable Leave Grade Customisation at the backend.

If you’re an existing Talenox user looking to disable Leave Grade customisation, you can reach out to the Customer Success team at support@ talenox.com for further assistance.

Upgraded Xero & Quickbooks Online export

Our engineering team have recently added multi-currency support to Xero exports in Talenox. Now, users can export salary bill in the currency that they set in the system, e.g. USD. Users can also export statutory bills in the default local currency of the company, e.g. SGD.

We have also added multi-cost centre support to Xero exports in Talenox. Previously, if you have an employee assigned to multiple cost centres, only the default cost centre will be shown. Now, admin users can choose the cost centre for payment.

Here is a screenshot of a Xero export for Bills only:


Likewise, the Quickbooks Online (QBO) exports have multi-cost centre support. This helps Admin users choose the cost centre for any employee tied to multiple cost centres.

What about multi-currency support? Talenox-QBO users can reach out to the Customer Success team at support@ talenox.com with requests to enable multi-currency export. It’s also worth noting that this setting is irreversible and that the QBO system only allows one currency per transaction, per account, per customer, per vendor/supplier at a time.

Talenox Malaysia system includes CP39 and Borang 8A physical forms

Talenox users can now download the following forms from the Month Total page:

  • CP39 (for PCB/MTD)
  • Borang 8A (for SOCSO)

This is especially helpful for users who may need to submit MTD/PCB manually via e-CP39 if their employees are unregistered at the time that PCB is due. It would also be helpful for some users who prefer having the CP39 and Borang 8A forms available to download in PDF so they can crosscheck during tax submission.



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