How to Cultivate More Joy in Life With These Financial Decisions

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Editor’s Note: ‘How to Cultivate More Joy in Life With These Financial Decisions’ is a guest article by the RHB team behind RHB Joy@Work.

Before you think, “Oh no, not another article on financial planning,” hear us out. Want to live life to the fullest? Here are the easiest ways to get the most joy out of your financial products. 

These are some common banking facilities and how you can use them to your benefit. 

Choose the higher interest/profit rate and save for retirement

These days, every bank account comes with a debit card, so how is one better than the other? To get the most joy out of something you use every day, choose an account that gives you better rates and extra benefits that you can use to your advantage.  You can start saving regularly for your retirement through your salary account*. Some banks offer you interest/profit rates as high as 3.35% per annum on your salary account. You can automatically deduct a portion of your income for your Private Retirement Scheme (PRS). This will definitely help you contribute regularly to your retirement fund. 

Better manage your cash flow and financial health

Your credit card is your secret weapon. It can become a useful tool in expense planning as long as you stick within your means. Track your expenses by placing all your bills as recurring payments and view them in your statement. That way, you can safely judge where to make reductions. You can also gauge how much you spend on groceries and eating out. 

Your credit card can help you ease your monthly cash flow. Need to make an urgent purchase but don’t have enough cash on hand? Use the 0% instalment plan on your card (for 12 months). This helps you lessen your upfront payment, and you can take the item home immediately. 

Get insurance^ you really need

As life is often uncertain and unpredictable, you’ll want to ensure your family is protected from the unexpected. Whether it’s planning for retirement or protecting your loved ones in your absence, insurance is key to you being able to focus on the important things in life, because it will ensure financial security for you and your family should anything unfortunate happen.

Prepare for unexpected illnesses and accidents with a simple tool. Equip your financial arsenal with an insurance plan that covers medical fees, cashless hospital admission, and provides a wide coverage 

Effectively manage and reduce your financial debt

Made the mistake of spending too much on your credit cards? Stressed by the multiple payments and high-interest rates/management fees? Don’t worry! A personal loan/financing can help you consolidate your existing credit card debt in one facility. From multiple monthly payments you now only need to make one, with a lower management fee. While a personal loan/financing can come in handy,  remember to exercise caution before taking on any form of debt. Find a bank that offers you the most competitive financing rate. Make payments more efficient by linking your personal loans/financing to your salary account. Save on your payments by enjoying rebate schemes. 

Here’s the great news: you don’t have to sign up for 10 different bank accounts to enjoy all the above. RHB Joy@Work salary crediting account (current or savings account/-i)* offers you all of the above and more.

Be rewarded when you choose to automate your payroll process with our services!

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