Where do I download LHDN Form CP 21/22/22a/58?

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To assist in tax clearance for your employee, we are providing these forms for easy download! Get the LHDN form you need from the list below. Don’t forget to check out our Guide to Tax Clearance in Malaysia to learn who is it for, and FAQs on CP 21/22/22a/58.!

Form CP 21 (Leaving the country)

This form is to notify LHDN on employees leaving the country for more than 3 months.

LHDN Form CP21 preview

Form CP 22 (New employee)

This form will need to be filled up when you have to notify LHDN on a new employee.

LHDN Form CP22 preview

Form CP 22A (for retirement, resignation or termination of employment if you work in the private sector)

When your employee is retiring, resigning or undergoing termination, you will need to fill up this form to update LHDN.

LHDN Form CP22A preview

Form CP 58 (Incentive Payment to An Agent, Dealer or Distributor)

This form needs to be filled up and submitted when you have any agent, dealer or distributor, who received a payment which exceeds RM5,000 per annum. Read our guide on when to prepare Form CP58.

LHDN Form CP58 preview

Learn to automate form generation for LHDN Forms EA/E/STD 2, in a few clicks.

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