Reduced fees for business rent in this period of uncertainty

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Editor’s Note: This article is a guest post by CardUp. Check out the original article by The CardUp Team.

COVID-19 has brought about a time of uncertainty for Singapore and countries all around the world. All businesses in the local and global economies have been affected to some degree; this is especially for industries such as retail, F&B and tourism. The Singapore Government has also responded by coming up with many initiatives to help companies and workers stay afloat amidst this period.

CardUp’s commitment

Since the inception of our business solution, CardUp has always focused on helping businesses improve and optimise their working capital. Their platform allows businesses to use their existing credit card limits to extend business payables by up to 58 days; and, it’s interest-free!

CardUp wants to help businesses during this period. That is why they will be offering a lowered fee of just 0.9% on all commercial rent payments. After all, business rent is one of the largest business overheads. It is the CardUp Team’s hope that this will help alleviate some of the pressure on business cash flow.

*Note that credit card rewards will not be earned when using the lowered fee of 0.9% for your rental payments.


How this helps your business

CardUp lets you shift your business rent payment onto your credit card. This means your landlord will get paid on time, while you defer the actual outflow of cash until your card bill is due up almost 2 months later.

At a 0.9% fee for up to 58 days of financing, this translates to an effective rate of just 5.66% p.a. Furthermore, you’re just paying this rate on the amount you require, as compared to a fixed-amount loan. 

Why leverage your pre-approved credit card line? It is a cheaper and more convenient solution as compared to other short-term financing solutions. Also, there is no need for any heavy documentation or long approval processes; the card already lies in your back pocket.

Simply log in to your CardUp account and use the promo code BIZRENT9 when scheduling your commercial/business rent payments to have this 0.9% rate reflected on your payment. Terms and conditions apply.

Get 0.9% fees on business rent payments with promo code BIZRENT9

Learn more about their COVID-19 Support Package – supporting businesses with working capital needs and reduced CardUp fees on selected payment types during this period!

Not using CardUp for your business payments yet? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Sign up for your free CardUp account in just a few clicks
  2. Select the payment type (e.g. Rental) and fill in your recipient’s bank details
  3. Enter your payment details, such as the payment amount, due date and frequency
  4. Your credit card will be charged 3 business days before the payment due date
  5. Your recipient will receive the funds on the specified due date via bank transfer; there is no need for the recipient to register with CardUp to receive your payments

Feel free to reach out to the CardUp Team at should you have any questions, or click on the button below to speak to one of their business consultants.

Have a question about using CardUp for your business? Drop us a WhatsApp message!

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