Where do I download LHDN Forms EA/8A/E/STD 2/PCB 2(II)?

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Hello! Here’s a list of the official PDF links to download LHDN Forms EA / 8A / E / STD 2 / PCB 2(II) for the Year 2020. We’ve also included short descriptors explaining the function of each form for tax filing.

P.S. Scroll all the way to the end of the article to find out how you can automate form generation for Forms EA / E / STD 2, with LHDN-approved HR Software, Talenox. Why download LHDN forms to manually fill up when you can automatically generate and submit them, all online?

Form EA / Form C.P.8A

LHDN FORM EA : Form C.P.8A Preview

Employers have to prepare and distribute the EA Form before the last day of February. EA form is useful for employees to check their earnings and tax exemptions from Benefits-in-Kind and Perquisites.

Form E

LHDN Form E 2020

Form E is a declaration report to inform the IRB on the number of employees and your employee’s income details.  It is mandatory to submit Form E regardless  whether you have employees or not. Any dormant company not in operation are also required to submit Form E.

Form STD 2/PCB 2(II)


Learn to automate form generation for LHDN Forms EA/E/STD 2, in a few clicks.

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