Talenox Updates Q3 2020: EPF/PCB Calculator, Tax Form Improvements and more.

talenox 2020 q3
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Hi there! You’re reading about the latest Talenox updates and features that our busy developers have been working on in the third quarter of 2020. If you’re a Talenox user or considering adopting Talenox for your HR operations, you’ll want to be updated on the new changes below.

1) Auto-logout Improvements: Re-login on the last page in Talenox

In our last update, we mentioned that Talenox accounts can now auto-logout after one hour of inactivity. Previously, a re-login would always lead a user to the Central Dashboard. Now, a re-login would lead a user to the latest page that was abandoned upon auto-logout! In other words, Talenox users can simply pick up from where they left off; they no longer have to go through the trouble of navigating back to the page they last left.

2) EPF/PCB Calculation: Our calculator is live on the Talenox website

Calculate your salary, Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), Monthly Tax Deduction / Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB), and other income tax amounts with this free online calculator. Our PCB calculation and EPF contribution rates are updated and accurate as of 2020; all for Malaysia Residents, Non-Residents, Returning Expert Program and Knowledge Workers. 

If you’re not very confident in your knowledge of statutory terms like EPF and PCB, feel free to check out our educational articles on them! We break it all down for you – from the definition of the statutory terms to the manual calculation steps.

Payroll Performance: More efficiency in handling pay items

Our engineers have changed payroll loading to be asynchronous so Talenox can now support companies with a massive headcount of up to 5,000 people. In addition, we’ve sped up the network between Talenox users and our server, so payroll processing is a lot more responsive and efficient now.

3) Payroll Report: More detailed breakdown of each pay item in Talenox

Under the Payroll Report page, ‘Pay Items Overall Report’ now further segregates each pay item; this is done to help Talenox users view a more detailed breakdown of each pay item.

4) Bank File Versioning: Naming updates/improvements

For users of banks like DBS and OCBC, we have improved on the naming of the Bank File Version to clearly indicate the latest format.  

5) Tax Form Edits: Add/Remove employees after tax form generation

In Talenox, you can generate tax forms if you are in the following counties:

SingaporeMalaysiaHong Kong
Form EA
Appendix 8A
Appendix 8B
Form E
Form EA

There are times when – after generating all the employees’ tax forms – a Talenox user realises that he/she may have to remove or add an employee’s detail. Previously, this meant that the user had to regenerate the forms for all employees in order to enable this change, thus losing all changes to the forms.

Now, we have a new feature that allows our users to simply add or remove individual employees without having to regenerate all the employees’ tax forms.

Talenox New Feature Employee Income Tax Filing Remove Selected Employees

6) Dengue Alert: More updates to come!

As you may already know, the cumulative number of dengue cases in Singapore this year stands at over 22,400 (as of 4 August 2020), with close to 400 dengue clusters around our island.

That is why we are preparing to launch a new dengue cluster monitoring opt-in feature as part of a passion project of ours we call ‘Talenox Cares’. You’ll be hearing more about that from us in the coming weeks! In the meantime, stay healthy and keep safe with mosquito repellents!

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