Submit IR8A directly to IRAS with a Talenox Free account

Editor’s note:
This article was updated on Dec 9, 2019.

Dear reader, the tax season is near. That means there will be some amount of prep needed to get your employees’ numbers, papers and forms in order by the 1 March 2020.
Before you start printing out paper forms, or downloading .txt files, we’d like to bring to your attention a simpler submission alternative: direct filing to IRAS with the simple click of a button.

Too good to be true?

It’s definitely true, and we hope you find it a good alternative to filing employee taxes. Thanks to an integration we initiated with IRAS in 2017, our users have been able to file IR8A forms directly to IRAS since 2018.

How do I get in on this? Do I need to pay?

No 🙂 This IR8A direct submission function is open to all our users, even the ones on our free plan. All you need is a Talenox account, which you can easily sign up for here. If you previously signed up for Talenox but left your account dormant for a while, you can still log in again to submit IR8A forms. You can also reset your password by clicking on “Forgot password?” at the login page 🙂

I’ve got my Talenox account now, how do I start filing?

Before you start filing, know that your company must already be registered under the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS). If you aren’t yet registered for AIS, you’ll unfortunately have to wait to file electronically until next year, as the deadline for AIS registration has closed. Registration for YA 2020 will begin from 1 April  2019 to 31 December 2019.

HOWEVER, If you haven’t registered for AIS, you can still use Talenox to fill in the forms, and then print them out to mail to IRAS 🙂

But anyhoo, assuming you’ve registered with AIS, here’s a visual how-to guide showing you the steps to filling in the IR8A form and submitting it directly to IRAS:

I’m not confident doing the filing on my own though, is there someone who can help me with it?

Yes! You can chat with a Talenox team member by clicking on the blue chat button on the bottom-right of your screen when you’re logged in to Talenox.

Intercom chat button
Click on me, chat with a real live person!

Remember, filing IR8A forms doesn’t have to be this complicated, tedious process of downloading and uploading different file formats on various sites. Just sign up for a free Talenox account, fill in and check the necessary data, then hit the “Submit AIS to IRAS” button. If you’d like to find out more about it, head over to our IRAS signup page, or drop us an email at

More on IR8A filing coming up next week

There’s hope yet: How to make amendments on an IR8A form that you’ve already submitted!

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