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submit ir8a directly to iras with talenox
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Editor’s Note: This article, originally published in January 2019, has been updated to reflect the latest regulatory changes for the year 2024. Thank you for your continued support. 

The tax season is near! As a Human Resource (HR) personnel or employer, you may be working on getting your employees’ numbers, papers and forms right – all in order to submit IR8A by 1 March 2024.

Generate and upload a Form IR8A .txt file electronically via the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS)

AIS automatically incorporates the data in the employee’s income tax assessment, making it easier for companies to file IR8A information electronically. You can use this IRAS Service or your Talenox Payroll module to see if your company is registered for AIS.

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Do note that this scheme is compulsory for companies with 6 or more employees.

Setting up your IRAS may take some time at first, but it will definitely save you time in the long run compared to filling a hardcopy document. Also, employee information will update automatically each year under the AIS, eliminating the need to submit it manually.

We generally do not recommend the manual process and it places undue responsibility on employees and introduces a lot of room for human error. 

Before you start printing out paper forms, consider a simpler submission alternative: direct filing to IRAS in one click.

Directly submit Form IR8A (auto-generated by your payroll software) to IRAS in one click

Double-check that your payroll software supports IR8A before you begin.

While the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income allows Singapore employers to file the IR8A information electronically, there are IRAS-supporting payroll software vendors that help companies submit IR8A directly to IRAS. This would give you peace of mind, knowing that these are approved companies that are reliable in processing your tax filing.

Consider payroll software vendors that IRAS has assigned in the Grade-A compliance category, like Talenox. Talenox’s payroll system helps thousands of businesses objectively comply with IRAS’s full list of recommended controls when filing Form IR8A.

Talenox also automatically includes the submitted information in the employees’ income tax assessment. This means you won’t have to generate a .txt file and upload it to IRAS. This helps simplify the IR8A filing process for both employer and employee by eliminating additional steps that comes with a manual IR8A filing process.

Can I trust the Talenox features to ensure my Form IR8A submission to IRAS is accurate?

Yes! It’s worth noting that since 2018, IRAS has consistently awarded Talenox a grade ‘A’ in software compliance for filing:

  • Form IR8A
  • Appendix 8A
  • Appendix 8B and
  • Form IR8S

In fact, thanks to an integration we initiated with IRAS in 2017, Talenox users are able to file IR8A forms directly to IRAS from 2018 ’til now.

Do I need to pay for a Talenox subscription to access its IR8A filing feature?

Not at all! Our IR8A direct submission feature is open to all our users, including the ones on our free plan. All you need is a Talenox account, which you can easily sign up for here.

If you previously signed up for Talenox but left your account dormant for a while, you can still log in again to submit IR8A forms. You can also reset your password by clicking on “Forgot password?” at the login page.

I have my Talenox account. How do I start filing?

Before you start filing, know that your company must already be registered under the Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS). If you are not registered for AIS, you can still use Talenox to fill in the forms; once done, you can just print the forms to mail to IRAS.

In regards to electronic IR8A filing, you’ll have to wait until next year; that’s because the deadline for AIS registration has closed. Registration for the Year of Assessment typically begins from its preceding year during the period of 1 April to 31 December.

In this case, if you are reading this and it’s already January, February, or March, we’re afraid you’d only be able to register for AIS for the next year (sorry!).

If you have already been registered under AIS, here’s a visual how-to guide showing you the steps to filling in the IR8A form and submitting it directly to IRAS:

Is there someone who can guide me with my IR8A filing?

Yes, you can chat with a Talenox team member! Simply click on the blue chat button on the bottom-right of your screen when you’re logged in to Talenox.

Remember, filing IR8A forms doesn’t have to be this complicated, tedious process of downloading and uploading different file formats on various sites. Just sign up for a free Talenox account, fill in and check the necessary data, then hit the “Submit AIS to IRAS” button. If you’d like to find out more about it, head over to our IRAS signup page, or drop us an email at

Automate your payroll and submit your Form IR8A now for free. Simply sign up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL with Talenox.

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