Hong Kong Budget 2017-2018: A Digest

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It’s been about three weeks since the Hong Kong Budget 2017-2018 was announced by newly appointed Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-Po.

We’ve been following the Budget closely since it was announced on 22 Feb, and have over the weeks read pundit commentaries on its forecasts and initiatives. Consider this a digest of the material we’ve found helpful in understanding the Budget, as well as the professional sentiment surrounding it.

The official Hong Kong Budget 2017-2018 webpage

hong kong budget webpage
The Hong Kong Government’s public release of the Budget and its proposals, clearly organised by topic. Read them here or download it as a PDF. A full transcript and video of the speech made by Mr Paul Chan is also available under “Speech”.

PwC’s Budget Insights

PwC HK budget webpage

The page includes several infographics on some of the important figures mentioned during the Budget speech. Also available are video interviews with PwC experts on tax matters, Fintech, and R&D in Hong Kong. For a 2-page overview by PwC, head here.

KPMG has also released a very comprehensive summary of the Budgetkpmg budget summart

“Government continues to offer comprehensive support to startups and creative industries.”

Deloitte 2017/18 Budget Analysis

deloitte hk budget analysis

“As expected, there are no exciting new initiatives, perhaps to leave room for the next government to bring in new initiatives. Nevertheless, this is a comprehensive budget, which can address the needs of different members of the population, as well as the long-term economic development of Hong Kong as a whole.”

Commentaries from news outlets:

Bloomberg: Hong Kong Budget 2017-18: Winners All Around
South China Morning Post: 2017 budget will keep Hong Kong focused on the future
Computer World Hong Kong: HK Budget 2017: Gov to boost fintech, IT talent cultivation

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