Introducing: Deputy Integration

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By now you must have already heard of the integration between Talenox and popular time-scheduling software Deputy. Allow us to make a formal introduction to the features of this wonderful symbiosis:

*Curtain rises*

Instantly onboard employees from Talenox into Deputy

No one likes having to key in the same data twice. Thanks to our integration, you won’t have to. Now, you can choose which employees’ data gets automatically pulled into Deputy’s “People” section (i.e. where employee profiles and information are stored).

The process is very simple:

  1. Head into the Employee listing under the “Deputy Integration” tab. You’ll see a list of employees whose profiles are ready to be imported into Deputy.
  2. Check the boxes corresponding to the employees you want imported
  3. Hit the “Create Employees in Deputy” button. Talenox will then instantaneously transfer the data into Deputy.

P.S. What if you’re doing the process in reverse and importing employee data from Deputy into Talenox? Upon importing the data, you’ll be asked to fill in additional employee information on Talenox Profiles. This is because Profiles requires extra information in order to run payroll and leave efficiently.

Import timesheets directly into Talenox Payroll

You can now extract the approved timesheets from Deputy into Talenox Payroll.

An approved timesheet is the verified number of hours an employee has worked. Deputy’s geo-tagging and facial recognition technology will improve your timesheets’ accuracy. In addition, this is extremely helpful to businesses with multiple branches and employees.

You can also choose to import timesheets by period, or by branch (if you have multiple branches).

Upon import, the timesheets will end up as draft payments in the “All Payments” tab in Talenox Payroll, where you can edit them before confirming payroll. Additionally, you can split the payments up by location or call centre, and then process payroll as you would normally in Talenox.

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Note: In order to preserve the accuracy of the data during transfer, we’ve limited the number of timesheets that can be pulled each time you trigger the exchange to 500. This means that if you have more than 500 timesheets you’ll have to push the first 500, and then the next 500, and so on.

Auto-sync approved leave applications between Talenox Leave and Deputy Scheduler

This integration ensures that all new leave applications (provided they are approved in Talenox) are automatically reflected in Deputy’s scheduler. This allows you to view approved leave dates in Deputy’s time-scheduler and see who’s available (or not) to cover shifts.

Remember, we always recommend using our Leave app instead of a generic on. Talenox Leave is localised to each country’s labour laws and employment act. This allows the calculation and proration to be done automatically, while also ensuring that your business is always compliant. 

Not yet started on Talenox? Sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Or, do the trial on Deputy instead!

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