Talenox Updates: Quarter 2

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Good day to everyone! You’re reading the 2nd instalment of Talenox Updates, a safe space where we talk about the newest features and improvements on the Talenox platform. Here we go:

Payroll Matters

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Good news, CitiDirect Online Banking users! Talenox now supports the Citibank’s PayLink Cheque and GIRO Singapore GDFF file import. To try it out, simply export the file when you are done with processing payroll.

Integrations with 3rd party time tracking and scheduling software


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Many of you have been asking for this and so we got our hardworking beevelopers together to work out the kinks. The integration will allow you to import your employee attendance and cost centres from Deputy into Talenox for quicker payroll processing.

import from deputy scheduler

Cost centres tied to employees’ confirmed timings (meaning the confirmed number of hours an employee has worked) will be reflected correctly in Talenox’s Payroll app as well. In addition, you’ll be able to sync our Leave into Deputy’s scheduler, to reduce schedule conflict (e.g. scheduling someone for work when they’re on leave). Expect this go live in about a month 😎

King of Time

king of time screenshot

For King of Time users, look forward to a deeper integration from time tracking to payroll. With this new feature, the number of hours your staff have worked will automatically be pulled into Talenox’s Payroll app. Expect this to go live in October.


Change your own email or password

We’ve now given users the ability to change the email and passwords tied to their own Talenox account. Previously this had to be done on the backend, and resulted in quite a bit of back and forth between you and us. Sorry about that!

To change your account email or password, click on your name on the top right hand corner, and select Edit Account.This is now live! (More features are in the works to be added to this page.)

edit account feature in Talenox

New infrastructure

We are continually improving our servers and infrastructure for stability, and to increase our development speed within for the engineers. This will allow us to ship better software while ensuring all services are updated and continue to operate with minimal downtime.

That’s all for Quarter 2! If you like what you’ve just read, why not have a look at our Quarter 1 updates?

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