Talenox Updates – 14 March 2018

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Good evening ladies and gents,

You’re reading the very first instalment of Talenox Updates, a safe space where we discuss new features and improvements on the Talenox platform. Enjoy:

On the Payroll app:

1. IR8A (SG) and IR56B (HK) printing from Payroll matches the corresponding government forms exactly now. Previously they didn’t, as the forms in our system were HTML-based. That caused some of the info to be misaligned when generated as PDFs. But we heard your feedback and made the correct amendments so it’s all good now 🙂

2. One-click IR8A Submission: We added a shiny new button that allows you to file employees’ IR8A forms directly from the Payroll app. In order to enjoy this free feature you would have had to already been registered for the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS). And of course to have done the actual filing before the 1 March deadline. If you didn’t get to try it out this time there’s always next year and the year after.

IR8A submission form on Talenox

Updates to Leave:

1. SG Leave settings now differentiates Outpatient from Hospitalisation Leave

FYI not many know that sick leave refers to 60 days of hospitalisation leave, of which 14 of those 60 days are allocated to outpatient leave. This means you have 46 days of hospitalisation leave + 14 days outpatient sick leave. Not 60 days hospital leave + 14 days outpatient sick leave (plot twist!).

Drop down menu with sick leave options

2. We now support 6 more countries/cities for Leave management. Hello Canada, London, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, and China!

Important Email Notifications

1. Admins now receive email reminders when an employee’s Work Pass is expiring.

Email notification reminder of work pass expiry

2. Admins will also receive email reminders when an employee’s birthday is approaching. More reasons for cake in the office!

Thank you for reading.

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