Presenting … Talenox v1.0

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Talenox is now sexier than ever.

We’re excited to announce that the long wait is finally over. At last, good things come to those who wait.

Talenox v1.0 is now available for trial.

What’s new:
1. Every app comes with a detailed tutorial now!
2. Profiles has a clean new look and tells you what is important to fill in.
3. Payroll is even simpler – use a ‘menu’ to flexibly select pay items.







To all our beloved existing clients, thank you for your patience, support, and generosity in providing us with significant feedback in building Talenox v1.0.

To all our new clients who were placed on our wait-list, thank you for your patience and excitement (as noticed from the messages sent by some of you to certain individuals in our team):
“When are you launching? Can’t wait to try.”
“Hurry up leh…”
“Very excited for the launch!”

To our angels, thank you for your continued support and undying belief in us. Without you, this would not be made possible.

To our family and friends, thank you for the love and care you’ve showered upon us during this trying period.

All of you, in ways big and small, have provided us the energy and motivation needed to make this launch a reality.






To those currently reading this post and have only heard of us for the first time today, try us out.

There’s absolutely no risk involved. Sign up now to experience the first full self-service, guided HR suite in Singapore.

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You’ll be sold in just 20 minutes. Plus, get 30 days’ free access to all five apps – Profiles, Payroll, Leave, Scheduler, and Time Tracker.






Oh, and p.s, we’ve been made an official partner of Xero. Check out our integration.


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At Talenox, our vision is to design systems for people first.

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