How to Elevate Your Employee Benefits Package to Boost Morale?

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Editor’s Note: ‘How to Elevate Your Employee Benefits Package to Boost Morale’  is a guest article written by the Dive Deals team.

Purchasing power is eroding. The cost of benefits are skyrocketing. How do you help your employees gain more with the same dollar?

It’s no surprise that employee benefits play an important role in a successful business. A well-rounded benefits package not only attracts and retains workers, but also boosts morale and job satisfaction within the organisation.

In fact, “72% of employees mentioned that customised employee benefits increase their loyalty to the company” according to a report by MetLife.

So, how can you elevate your benefits package to boost morale?

P.S. Read on to learn more and find  a surprise  at the end of the article!

The Employee Discount Program

What is an employee discount program?

An employee discount program is a marketplace of exclusive employee-priced offers on products and services, negotiated by the Dive team, from top brands and local businesses.

It is designed to provide employees with an additional incentive for their service to the organisation and motivate them to perform at their best.

This type of reward system has become increasingly popular among employers to stand out from their competition and attract top talent.

Why an employee discount program?

One of the most valuable benefits of an employee discount program is that it helps your employees to increase their overall financial well-being.

By offering discounts on products that your employees are already buying regularly, these savings can add up. While big-ticket items like travel, electronics and technology can offer the potential for huge savings. 

As for employers, employee discount programs are often the most affordable ways to add value to benefits packages.

What’s more, it also helps with staff retention – which in turn saves money on hiring replacements as well. 

Hence, Dive Perk is created to help keep more money in the pockets of your company and your employees by helping them to save more money on purchases all year round.

Benefits of an employee discount program

1. Better employee retention & engagement

Employee retention is essential to your bottom line and employee perks are a great way to motivate your workforce and show that you care.

Dive Perk offers a variety of discounts and offers that suit all lifestyles, making people feel valued as individuals. Moreover, Dive Perk is also an engagement platform by allowing employees to save when and where it matters to them. 

2. Budget-friendly

With Dive Perk, you can get unified corporate and employee savings all in one place. Our portal is optimised across all devices, branded for your company with a configurable homepage. In a nutshell, you are creating a digital hub that houses all your benefits.

In addition, our plans cost less than the price of chicken rice per employee every month in exchange for bigger savings! It’s a low-cost solution to help stretch your employees’ pay-checks. 

3. Exclusive savings & personalisation

The most valuable benefit of an employee discount program is that employees can get exclusive savings that they won’t find anywhere else.

At Dive perk, employees can gain access and save from a range of categories such as grocery, health, travel, electronics & tech and more.

Additionally, savings with Dive Perk is personalised. Over time, with regular engagement on the portal, they can discover curated discounts relevant to their interests. 

4. Low maintenance

The best part about an employee discount program is its low maintenance factor. Employers not only save money but also time and effort.

At Dive, we take care of all the hard work in maintaining your company page. We are always in the process of bringing in new merchants and offers to ensure that the page is always updated and filled with new deals regularly. 

Exclusively for Talenox clients

Here comes the most exciting part – we are offering 50% off on our annual plan (3 months validity) for all Talenox clients. Interested employers can sign up here or write to us at if you want to find out more about Dive Perk. 

Something valuable for your employees

Dive Perk provides an affordable solution to help your employees to increase their overall financial well-being. When employees’ well-being is taken care of, it also helps you as an employer to not worry about a high staff turnover rate.

Take this opportunity to leverage Dive Perk to provide an extra layer to your benefits package that will excite new employees and give existing ones another reason to stay loyal.


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