These WFH Practices Born Out of COVID-19 Changed Employee Welfare Forever

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Let’s be real, work-from-home (WFH) days are here to stay; it marked its territory in the post-COVID-19 world and is arguably set to change conventional workspaces. From annual D&Ds to monthly Zoom team meetings, and commutes changing from between home and office to bedroom and kitchen. It’s only a matter of time more workplace practices start shifting. 

It’s now nearly a year after the pandemic upended daily life and work. Since then, employers have identified the need to keep productivity levels high, despite the distance. Take for example Spotify’s Work From Anywhere launch. Google also reimbursed up to $1,000 for employees’ WFH equipment. Others included flexible work schedules, vouchers for meal deliveries, and more sustained benefits to support the new norm. 

Out with the old, in with the new; here are 3 reasons why companies are rewarding from afar with Welfare-From-Home benefits (and why you should too).

Flexible rewards provide ongoing support

The transition is real. A year ago we thought travel would open up by the end of 2020. Now we say it’d be a miracle if the borders open by 2022. Likewise with the current workspace environment, gone are the days of (ahem, sponsored) team lunches and spontaneous birthday celebrations with cakes, gifts and treats.

With the welfare budget underutilized, more organizations are moving their dollars into flexible support schemes for employees. Also, as monthly expenses increase with the growing hours spent at home, employers are looking to extend monetary assistance and rewards for employers to improve their WFH situation.

From one-off claims for stay-home office equipment to monthly bill waivers and food credit, the flexibility of welfare benefits certainly ease expenses. At the same time, employers see this as an initiative to boost team morale and support the individuals’ needs.

Inclusive benefits encourage more quality time with family

Now that our new colleagues are familiar faces, it’s a struggle for many to adapt to new environments and family members around. For parents with young ones running around, it can be frustrating to tend to them, help them with online classes, entertain their curious and mischievous self – all while trying to get some work done. 

Many companies have looked into extending PTO (paid-time off) claims, increasing child care leave days, as well as ad hoc working schedules to practice more flexibility. Similarly, monthly allowances and food credits encourage more family time over a shared meal, and resources for all to benefit from. 

Since time inevitably finds itself reserved for family, extending welfare benefits that can be shared with household members is a resounding commitment from employers to employees.

Supplementary activities boost morale & productivity

Keeping employees engaged and motivated from a distance can be overwhelming and challenging for managers. With more remote working, it’s adios coffee breaks and after-work drinks.

Adopting more health and wellness activities, virtual coffee breaks, employee discounts and more maintain the social structure of the company. Furthermore, with WFH, it’s important to acknowledge potential burnout and isolation and prevent it wherever possible. 

Keeping the company in check with scheduled breaks or a R&R (rewards and recognition) scheme cultivates good relationships, all while adapting to the workspace shift.

Adopting work-from-home practices is a responsible way to make the most of this situation. We’ve got the technology to thank for keeping communications smooth. As employers & HRs, optimise productivity levels and keep motivating, as you transition your in-office perks to WFH perks.

Ready to reward your employees?

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