Talenox Updates Q1 2021: Improved multi-currency payroll and more.

2021 q1 talenox updates
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Hi there! Talenox Updates Q1 2021 is here; find out what our busy developers have been working on in the last quarter.

If you’re a Talenox user or considering adopting Talenox for your HR operations, you’ll want to be updated on Talenox Updates Q4 2020. Feel free to check it out before reading all about Talenox Updates Q1 2021 here.

Payroll updates


1) Option to select/deselect ‘Show all resignees’ in Process Payment

Talenox users now have the option to filter out employees who resigned more than 2 months ago on the Process Payment page.

talenox updates q2 2021 show hide resignees payroll
2) Improved Payroll Report status

When a Talenox user chooses to download a Payroll Report (.xlsx) at the end of the payroll process, the system will now show the status. In addition, this will trigger a report generation so that Talenox users no longer need to wait indefinitely.

3) Improved payslips email notification flow.

The flow for publishing payslips and sending email notification is now clearer to the Talenox users; this is because the system is updated to explicitly list out the choices that a user can make.

Let’s say today is 3 March 2021. When a Talenox user selects a future Payslip Pay Date (e.g. 31 March 2021, as seen in the screenshot below), the user can now choose to either:

  • Send an email notification now (i.e. today / 3 March 2021); or
  • Send an email notification on the pay date selected (i.e. 31 March 2021). 

Let’s say today is 3 March 2021. When a Talenox user selects a backdated Payslip Pay Date (e.g. 26 February 2021, as seen in the screenshot below), the user can either choose to:

  • Notify employees by email now (i.e. today / 3 March 2021); or
  • Republish payslips (without any email notifications).
Talenox Updates Q1 2021 payslip pay date email notification
4) Variance Report

Talenox users can now export Variance Reports to view a comparison between the current and the past month’s payroll in More > Payroll Report. This type of report comes in handy for users that want to check the variance by employee and cost centre.

Report type 1: Variance Report by Employee
Report Type 2: Variance Report by Cost Centre
5) Payroll Items Overall Report

When a Talenox user exports a report under Report Settings > Payroll Report > Payroll Items Overall Report for a selected period of time, the report will show all the pay items that were keyed in for that payroll period.

For example, let’s say a Talenox user exports a Payroll Items Overall Report for the period Feb 2021 to Mar 2021. The report will now reflect all the pay items that were keyed in Step 3: Select Pay Item for both Feb 2021 payroll and Mar 2021 payroll (see ‘Step 3: Select Pay Item’ example for Mar 2021 payroll).

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 pay items payroll process

Talenox users will also be able to view the sum of each pay item for the selected period of time. For instance, when a Talenox user selects a Month Period that spans from Feb 2021 to Mar 2021 (as seen in the screenshot below)…

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 payroll items overall report

… the exported report will now include the sum of all the pay items for the period Feb to Mar 2021.

6) Multi-currency Payroll

The Talenox system can now support multi-currency payroll too; for example, USD to USD payments and USD to SGD payments, as well as USD to SGD (for CPF) then back to USD.

By extension, Payroll Report (.xlsx) exports in Talenox are now updated to factor in the multi-currency feature; the same also applies for the Payroll YTD (.xlsx) and Payroll Summary (.xlsx) report exports.

This will generate into a .zip file that will contain a few multi-currency report files, as seen in the screenshot example below.

Hong Kong

1) Improved Payslip Display for first-time MPF Contribution

We’ve made further improvements to the payslip display so that first-time MPF contribution details are shown; that includes MPF (Employer) First time contribution and MPF (Employee) First time contribution, as seen in the screenshot example below.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 mpf first time contribution
2) MPF Contribution Date to Payslips

Each employee’s payslip will now show the MPF Contribution Date that’s set up in the payroll process as well.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 mpf contribution date


1) Public bank PCB excel file export (For bank upload)

At Talenox, we always make an effort to configure our system so payroll files are compatible with as many local banks as possible; this is to allow for easy export and uploads of files such as the PCB/MTD report. In Talenox, the system has been updated so that the ‘PCB/MTD‘ file export is now a supported file for Public Bank Berhad.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 pcb mtd export


1) Permanent Resident (PR) Year 1 CPF proration

The system is now able to automate CPF proration calculations; this is helpful when a non-PR employee has recently converted to a Singapore PR in the middle of the month.

With this improvement in the system, Talenox users no longer have to go through the manual process of calculating CPF proration.

2) Support Voluntary CPF contribution

Talenox users can also support Voluntary CPF (VC) contributions that an employee may want to make to his/her own CPF or on behalf of someone else.

* Do note that the backdating of VC to previous years is not allowed.

Profile updates

Employee ID generation

When Talenox users want to create a new employee profile by clicking ‘Add Employee’ in the Profiles > Employee Listing page, the ‘Employee ID’ field will now automatically generate a unique set of letters and/or numbers in the system instead of coming up blank.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 employee id

This automation helps users save time on coming up with a unique Employee ID themselves.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 employee id automation generation

Included a ‘Remarks’ field under the ‘Job Details’

In the Profiles > Employee Listing page, the ‘Job Details’ section now has a ‘Remarks’ field. This is particularly useful for Talenox users looking to attach more details to each employee’s job title, such as a short description differentiating employees with the same job title but different responsibilities.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 job details remarks field

Improve employee profile search and filter

Talenox users can also filter employee profiles under ‘Employee Listing’ by the following:

  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Branch
  • Role

This helps make employee profile search results more accurate. It also adds a dropdown for employee status (all, resigned, active). The search bar at the top right of the page remains for Talenox users to search for an employee by name.

Talenox Updates Q1 2021 employee profile filter search

All in all, this helps make the search for employee profiles more granular and clear.

Integration updates

Talenox Payroll Exports to Quickbooks Online (QBO)

QBO exports in Talenox are now moved to the background so the process no longer hangs for large companies using Talenox. This is done to help improve the experience for large companies using Talenox-QBO integration.

Other updates

Dengue Alert opt-in

Talenox Dengue Alerts is a free and opt-in service that gives Talenox users daily updates on dengue levels in their area. It’s a passion project that was conceived by the Talenox team after seeing our loved ones grapple with dengue fever.

How does it work?
1.To receive dengue alerts, you’ll first have to activate them on the Settings page (you can also switch off alerts here).
2.You can choose to get alerts on the Talenox platform or by email, or both.
3.Talenox will then collect dengue-related data from NEA for your postal code.
4.When there’s a change in alert level in your area, the shield icon will blink. Click on it to see detailed info and stats.

Consolidated invoices

As a Talenox Partner with Super Admin access to Talenox, you’ll be able to download the invoices for the companies you are managing in bulk.

Simply head into each client/subsidiary company you are managing; then, individually download company invoices from the system through this step-by-step guide.

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