Talenox Updates: Quarter 3

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Hi there! Thanks for reading the 3rd edition of this year’s Talenox Updates. Since we posted last quarter, we’ve been working really hard to push out new features and integrations on the Talenox platform, and we hope you’re as excited about them as we are 🙂 Let’s have a look:

New Bank File Releases

We’ve added more bank file types! Go ahead and give these a try when you run payroll:

  • Standard Chartered bank file for SG & HK
  • HSBC MRI bank file format for SG
  • Maybank file format for SG

Integration with Deputy

Our integration with time-scheduling and attendance management software Deputy is finally ready. Now you can import approved timesheets into Talenox Payroll for quick and easy calculation and salary disbursement. Are you ready to connect your Talenox and Deputy accounts to run Payroll? We’ve written a how-to article on setting up the integration and another on importing timesheets and running payroll right away.

A Better User Experience

An upgraded billing flow

billing page on talenox

Some of you might have noticed we’ve changed the way our Billing page looks. We’re always looking to improve our UX, so we’ve designed the page so that you can view and edit your subscription and payment details. You’ll also be able to view the invoices you’ve received for your monthly subscription payments (if you’re on Talenox SUITE).

Faster Payslip and Leave Report Export

Exporting payslips and leave reports was taking a bit too long, so we sprinkled some celestial stardust into the backend to accelerate the process. Now you can export payslips and reports almost instantaneously.

Faster Payroll Processing Speed

Processing a 200ish-employee payment used to take 20ish seconds, it’s now down to 10 seconds, hurray!

Pull the Latest Chart of Accounts from Xero Whenever the User Clicks “Edit”

Getting the latest Liabilities/Expenses from Xero to Talenox used to require a disconnect and reconnect. You can now get the latest Liabilities/Expenses/Contact from Xero, whenever you edit your integration settings on Talenox. Set Unique Pay Dates on Individual Payslips

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Set Unique Pay Dates on Individual Payslips

pop-up for pay date selection

Admins are now able to set unique pay dates for employees who don’t get paid the same day as the rest of the company. To do this, simply go to the Payroll app, then click Payslips > View payslip for employee > Set employee’s pay date.

Upcoming Features and Updates

Malaysia Boleh

We’re working on a localised version of Talenox for Malaysian companies. If you’d like to get in on the beta version, drop us a message at hello@talenox.com

Techy Stuff: APIs and a Webhook

We’ll be releasing a few APIs (Application Programming Interface), and a webhook for users with a bit of technical know-how. Users can write code to use our APIs to onboard employees, create payments, create claims and time attendances for payroll use. With our webhooks, you can use our payroll data to integrate into your own accounting or finance platform for integration purposes or to create chatbots.

And that’s it for Q3. Onward to Q4! 💪🏻

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