Talenox Updates Q1 2022: Mass edit tax forms, new Tax module, and more.

talenox updates q1 2022
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Hi there! Talenox Updates Q1 2022 is here; find out what our busy developers have been working on in the last quarter.

P.S. If you’re a Talenox user or considering adopting Talenox for your HR operations, you’ll want to be updated on Talenox Updates Q4 2021. Feel free to check it out before reading all about Talenox Updates Q1 2022 here.

Split bills by Employees and Cost Centres (not just Pay Items) in Talenox-Xero integration

Initially, the Talenox-Xero integration only allowed users to split bills by Pay Items. Thanks to a new feature update, the integration now allows Talenox users to push bills over to Xero based on any of the following category split options available:

  • Pay Items
  • Employees (*NEW)
  • Cost Centres (*NEW)

For a step-by-step guide on how to use this new feature, feel free to check out our Knowledge Centre guide:

New “Mass edit” option for employee income tax forms in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong accounts

Our engineering team has also pushed out a new feature that allows for a Talenox user to mass edit the employee income tax forms that he/she has generated in the system, which are:

This feature’s function is to make mass edits only. Moreover, it does not mass generate or add employee form to the tax form page. Hence before using this feature, Talenox users should ensure that they’ve already generated the employee income tax forms in the system.

Automatically pull Statutory Holiday Pay into Payroll for Hong Kong accounts

According to the Hong Kong Labour Department, employees are entitled to statutory holiday pay when they have been employed under a continuous contract for no less than 3 months. 

Talenox has now automated the payroll process so statutory holiday pay is included for relevant employees:

Statutory holiday pay is included as a Statutory Holiday pay item in the automated payroll process for Talenox Hong Kong users.

The Statutory Holiday pay item’s rate of pay will follow the default Annual Leave settings set up in the Talenox Leave module:

If you are a Talenox Hong Kong user, do note that this new feature only automatically applies to users who have their Proration Calculation settings set to the Calendar Days option in the Talenox Profiles module.

New ‘Tax’ module is available for employees to access their tax forms

Talenox now has a brand new Tax module for all employees to view and download their tax forms directly from Talenox. 

However, this new Tax module module will not be available to employees until the Admin/Super Admin gives them the correct access rights (i.e. Tax > View Only) through the Profiles module, as seen in the screenshot below.

The new Tax module for employees will be available to them if their Admin/Super Admin assigns them the correct access rights through the Talenox Profiles module.

Once employees have access to the Tax module, they can view their current as well as past tax forms. Employees can toggle between the following settings for generation and download: 

  • Type of Tax Forms
    • (Singapore) Form IR8A, Form IR21, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B
    • (Malaysia) Borang EA and Borang E
    • (Hong Kong) Form IR56B, Form IR56E and Form IR56F
  • Year of Assessment for Tax Form submission

Accommodating Changes to Leave Approvers in ‘Pending’ Leave Applications

Sometimes, a company will need to change its leave approval structures and/or leave approvers in Talenox. This affects ‘Pending’ employee leave applications.

Now, Talenox has an automated acknowledgement flow that helps Admin users switch their employees to their new leave approvers without the need to re-apply for leave applications.

So, once you’ve saved changes made to leave approvers, ‘Pending’ leave applications will automatically change to an “Incomplete” status:

talenox q1 2022 incomplete leave application

When you click into the leave application, you’ll see a message that will tell you the reason for the application’s “Incomplete” status. Simply click on the Show Issue button to review the leave application:

talenox q1 2022 incomplete leave application

The system will automatically bring you to the portion of the leave application so you can review the suggested change(s) to the application. If all looks good, simply click the Resolve button, followed by the Save button – and all is resolved!

talenox q1 2022 incomplete leave application

The leave application should now revert back to ‘Pending’ status for approval by the newly updated approvers.

Working Day Proration is adjusted to exclude Statutory Holidays for Hong Kong accounts

Users who have their Proration Calculation settings set to “Working Days” option will have an update as well. Working day proration for employees will automatically exclude statutory holidays in Hong Kong. This is because Statutory Holidays does not count as a working day. 

So, how does this update improve the payroll process in Talenox? Well, it makes salary proration calculation more accurate in the system.

Let’s say the payroll month is February 2022, which has 3 statutory holidays. The number of work days in that month would be 17 days (for a 5 day work week) instead of 20. You will have to ensure you calculate your employee’s salary proration according to the correct number of actual working days (i.e. 17 days, instead of 20). 

Fortunately for Talenox Hong Kong users, the Talenox system automatically factors Statutory Holidays in its automated salary proration calculation now.

And that concludes Talenox Updates Q1 2022!

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