Talenox Is Proud to Be a Partner of the SME Portal!

Talenox partners with SME Portal
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Collaboration has always worked out well for us at Talenox — we’re big fans of it, and we’re super pleased that we’re now service partners with SME Portal ! Formerly known as EnterpriseOne, the Portal is a product of SPRING Singapore, government agencies and over 30 industry partners. It offers useful government and commercial information as well as business services for SMEs at various business stages. It also serves as a point of access to key government e-services such as GeBiz Alerts and other commercial resources.

As a startup, we’ve found it’s been an invaluable resource in many ways. Here are three things we love about it:


1. Industry-specific advice with case studies


Talenox partners with SME Portal
Source: SME Portal


Every business faces its own set of challenges. The Portal addresses this with an ever-growing archive of articles and case studies catered to different industry types. Industry-specific information is as quickly available to a business owner in the F&B industry as to one in Infocomm. In addition, users can create an account to receive personalised information and services based on their interests and business needs.


2. Start-up assistance from Day 1

Talenox partners with SME Portal
Source: SME Portal


From government schemes to legal advice, the portal provides valuable resources to aid entrepreneurs throughout their business venture. Anyone can access the portal from Day 1 of their business cycle. On top of the various financial assistance, there are also useful courses for first-time entrepreneurs. No experience required, really. For businesses already up and running, the Portal also offers guides in key areas such as human resource, business development, and marketing.

Whichever stage you are at with your business, there’s always something relevant on the portal.



3. Networking 

Talenox partners with SME Portal
 Source: SME Portal


One of the best things about SME Portal is that it’s not a one-way channel. The Portal understands that the start-up ecosystem in Singapore, though young, is flourishing rapidly, and the importance of networking can’t be overstressed.

The Portal  maintains an updated list of SME-related events in Singapore. It’s really easy for businesses to seek each other out for collaboration. With an SME Portal account, you can also connect with like-minded individuals across industries to achieve common business goals. Businesses that support each other help themselves, and ultimately everyone, in creating a healthy, creative, and self-sustaining eco-system.


Want to be part of the business ecosystem? Check out SME Portal here.

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