How Firms Can Brace For Hit From Coronavirus with Smart Tech Solutions

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Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post by Great Eastern Singapore.

The recent coronavirus outbreak has given rise to new uncertainties not just for global health, but for businesses as well. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) encouraging basic hygiene habits and social distancing, governments around the world have been doling out drastic measures, from flight bans to border closures

Needless to say, firms must comply with these changes. There is also the need to maintain the lines of communication that are crucial in keeping businesses running; all while accommodating the pace at which the situation is changing. For digital and tech firms like us, this means turning to smart tech solutions to remain competitive in the long run. 

So, in what ways can businesses get prepped with smart tech solutions in this difficult time?

1) Defer events and large-scale meetings to webinars

China-based laptop maker Lenovo had started avoiding large face-to-face meetings. Why not take it a step further by conducting meetings, classes and marketing events, online? As we’ve always upheld a flexible remote work culture at Talenox, reliable communication tools like Google Hangouts always came in handy for our internal meetings. 

With easy-to-join video calls, we are able to meet face-to-face without the added cost of travel.
Credits: Google Hangouts

After all, video calls are cost-effective and time-saving! They remove the need to spend money and time on resources like taxi fares to fuel everyone’s travel to the designated meet-up venue. It’s also worth noting that video calls can offer us some semblance of personal connection more so than phone calls when the webcam is switched on.

Another video conferencing software you may want to use is Zoom. This app comes in most useful in connecting us to numerous conferences from other firms’ offices. 

Zoom is a communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.
Credits: Zoom

For Talenox, Zoom came in handy when we decided to take our educational Human Resource Tech Courses (HRTC) online in Singapore, on 11 Feb 2020! We swiftly executed this change in response to the day the Singapore Government raised the country’s risk assessment to DORSCON Orange

Needless to say, online meetings are definitely the most useful mode of communication in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

2) Track daily health stats with smart apps

Of course, there are businesses that do not have a remote work culture like Talenox; they do need to report to the office. This is where individual health checks are crucial to implement and track, especially for small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs). After all, SMEs usually do not have the same benefits that larger firms get; such as having temperature screening equipment deployed at office buildings in the CBD.

This is where iThermo, a new AI-powered system, can help. The Integrated Health Information System (IHiS) and healthcare technology company Kronikare had implemented this screening device, which uses a smartphone fitted with thermal and 3D laser cameras to detect forehead temperature.

The temperature-taking is effective even if the passersby are wearing surgical masks or headgear. It is also easy to deploy the lightweight iThermo device at office buildings’ entrances. The system has since received a Class A certification from the Health Sciences Authority, and Kronikare has accelerated its production

Of course, research has shown that the Coronavirus sometimes can’t be detected through temperature checks. The virus is spread by droplets. Hence, keeping hands clean and away from the face is imperative to avoid catching the bug.

Hence, it is worth taking a note from firms like Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, who have distributed to their employees not just masks but hand sanitisers as well

3) Stay updated with real news, not rumours

All of us are familiar with the influx of fake Coronavirus claims that has flooded our instant messaging platforms lately. In Singapore, fraudulent rumours include claims that Woodlands MRT station had closed due to the virus.

Such rumours have pushed WHO to join forces with tech giants like Google to address the global “infodemic” outbreak. In Singapore, the government has encouraged the general public to apply for a WhatsApp Subscription. This is so subscribers can receive the latest information on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) among other important government updates. 

Of course, it is always important to cross-check your sources with news updates from established media outlets like Channel NewsAsia. In fact, you can now get a daily round-up of top stories and reports on the COVID-19 from Channel NewsAsia’s new Telegram channel.

4) Enhance business continuity plans for operations matters like HR

At the core of every organisation’s business ethic, paying employees on time is non-negotiable – regardless of the circumstances. Hence, it is important to ensure your payroll processes can execute on time and accurately regardless of any unplanned interruptions.

This is only possible with an HR payroll software that’s designed for people, to help businesses:

We are glad that we can help thousands of companies reduce direct human interaction for these HR processes. After all, it is important that companies can still manage their HR tasks with ease during this difficult period.

Try the 30-day free trial as a new company administrator

5) Help your employees get insurance ready

Insurance companies like Great Eastern are coming up with solutions to help the public.

With insurance covers like Great Eastern’s GREAT Value Protect, losses due to accidents, the coronavirus, and even dengue fever can be mitigated for both employees and the business. Check out the main details of Great Eastern’s insurance cover below.

You can now enhance your coverage for COVID-19 and Dengue Fever, with GREAT Value Protect. Purchase from Qoo10 and get covered for a full year.

It is also a personal accident plan that covers accidental injury and death, as well as sicknesses such as food poisoning, yellow fever, and zika. Feel free to check out the product summary for more details on how the insurance will actually work for you.

Businesses can get insured with GREAT Value Protect too – simply reach out to for more information.


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