Emotional bond and talent retention

To the corporate world,

I know for a fact you are worried about talent attrition. People are leaving. Repeatedly. And sometimes, for no apparent reason. You haven’t heard of any real negative issues. Not that many complaints. Company is doing well.

So you ask why? And you get advice how to resolve that issue. It usually goes like this:

  1. Look at the prevailing salary market rates and offer more attractive packages, higher salaries, better bonuses
  2. Create a nicer work place with all the accompanying perks one can think of
  3. Do some team-building retreats every 6 months
  4. Offer trainings every once in a while

However it seems that it’s not working. People are still leaving. Why?

Imagine a second. You are a child. Your parents buy you the most expensive gifts, they bring you to the best hotels on vacation and best restaurants to eat. You live in a state of the art mansion with everything a child would dream of. Great right?

However your parents are seldom home. And when they are, “they are not really here”. They do not spend quality time with you. They do not give their full and undivided attention to what you do and who you are. They don’t take the time to understand who you are.

Basically, they act as if they do not care about you. How does that make you feel? You don’t feel valued as an individual.

Emotionally, you do not feel cared for. The important word here is emotionally. Time, attention and care create an emotional bond. And that bond is the strongest there is.

Unfortunately, in most companies, people don’t feel valued and cared for, emotionally. So they leave because there are no or very little emotional connections to the company. So it makes for an extremely easy choice. Talent retention becomes a problem.

So to answer the question: why? Because you forgot your talents are individuals. And for them to stay, they need to feel valued, they need to be cared for, they need to feel connected to the company, to the people working there. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of who gives the best package.

Here is my solution: treat your talents like individuals who need to be cared for. Get to know your talents, on an individual and emotional level. Create an environment of caring, of sharing, of connecting.  Create a bond. An emotional bond.

Because that bond is the strongest there is.

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