Talenox Updates Q2 2021: Improved variance reports and more.

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Hi there! Talenox Updates Q2 2021 is here; find out what our busy developers have been working on in the last quarter.

If you’re a Talenox user or considering adopting Talenox for your HR operations, you’ll want to be updated on Talenox Updates Q1 2021. Feel free to check it out before reading all about Talenox Updates Q2 2021 here.

Payroll updates


Variance Report by Month Total

In Talenox, a Variance Report compares the current month’s processed payroll to the previous month’s processed payroll. Variance Reports can now help Talenox users compare the current month of payroll with any past payroll month of their choice. However, this only works for payrolls that are already processed in the system.


All in all, this feature is useful in checking that the differences in both months’ payment values add up for each employee.

Variance Report by Payments

In addition, Variance Reports now allow users to compare a Payment group from the current payroll month to another Payment group from a previous payroll month.


It’s a feature that offers finer granularity in regard to payment comparison between payroll months.

Curious about this new feature? Check out our step-by-step guide on how Talenox users can export Variance Reports in Talenox.

Hong Kong

Average Daily Wage (ADW) Report

According to the Employment (Amendment) Ordinance, employee’s statutory entitlements must be calculated based on their 12-month Average Daily Wage (ADW). The ADW is designed to protect employees from wage fluctuation.

With Talenox, your ADW is automatically calculated by the system every month. In fact, Talenox users with Admin access to their company account can now see a breakdown of the ADW calculation. All they have to do is head to More > Payroll Report > ADW Report. Then, select ‘Employee’, ‘Month’, and ‘Year’ before exporting the file.


Here is an example of ADW report below:


Profile updates


Allow mass import and export of job details

Previously, Talenox Admin users could only create new Job Cards in each employee profile, one by one, when it comes to updating employees’ Salary Increment or Job Promotion. It was not possible to make the update for multiple employees at one go yet.

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Now, with our new job import feature, Talenox Admin users can mass update or mass create job cards in employee profiles instantly using the available importing sheets – Google Sheets or Excel.

All they have to do is head to Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing > Import > Import jobs to explore the uses of this new feature easily: ​​

This allows users to mass edit job cards. It is especially useful in cases where there is a company-wide salary increment to register in the system.

Curious about this new feature? Check out our step-by-step guide on how Talenox users can mass update job employee details.

‘Related Attachments’ Section in Employee Profiles

Now, each employee can have their own set of attachments.


Leave updates


Leave Balance Date Picker

The new date picker feature available on the Leave balance page helps users determine their leave entitlements at a given date. It is designed to help provide their employees more clarity on their leave entitlements, e.g. amount of carry-forward leave.

In other words, it acts like a time machine for users to see how leave entitlement at any given date.

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