Talenox Updates Q2 2020: Improved Security, Data Import and more.

talenox updates 2020 q2
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Hi there! You’re reading about the new Talenox updates and features that our busy developers have been working on in the second quarter of 2020. If you’re a Talenox user or considering adopting Talenox for your HR operations, you’ll want to be updated on Talenox Updates Q2 2020 (as well as Talenox Updates Apr 2020). Check it out.

Improved Security: Account auto-logout after one hour of inactivity

If you forget to log out, the next person using that computer won’t have access to your account. This is especially useful if you:

  • Share computers in the workplace,
  • Work on public computers, or
  • Worry that someone will use your electronic device when you leave it unattended.

Import and Export Options: Greater flexibility in handling employee data

Previously, Talenox users can only import employee data that are in Google Sheet format into the Talenox Profiles App. Now, the process can include Microsoft Excel file imports. In other words, instead of loading Google Sheets online, you may upload your existing Excel file directly from your laptop/computer.

When you export employee details, the file will now feature the exact same data sets as the imported file

Managing Part-timers’ Payroll: ‘Average Daily Wage’ option available in Talenox Hong Kong

The average daily wage (ADW) is based on the number of days worked. If you’re calculating an employee’s ADW, the ADW option is now available in Talenox Payroll (Hong Kong).  Simply click on the “Hourly/Daily Attendance” tab and select “Average daily wage” in the dropdown list under “Type”.

You can manually check the number of hours that an employee has worked and convert that to the number of days worked.

Singapore Income Tax Filing: IR21 Submission with Talenox Payroll

What is Form IR21for? When you file it, you are informing IRAS of a Non-Citizen Employee’s Cessation of Employment or Departure from Singapore for more than three months. It is a tax clearance form that you need to file one month before the cessation/departure date. After all, you need to withhold monies owed to the employee for tax clearance purposes.

You can now file this in Talenox Payroll. Talenox is one of only a few IRAS-approved platforms that provide you complete employee tax filing integrations from IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, IR8S to IIR21 direct submission filing. 

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates!

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