Talenox Updates Q1 2020: Easier tax filing, cluster company discounts and more.

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Hi there! You’re reading about the new Talenox updates and features that our busy developers have been working on in the first quarter of 2020. Check it out.

Software Updates – Talenox Malaysia

As of 2020, the Talenox system was approved by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, LHDN for Employee Income Tax Filing. We had experienced delays for approval due to changes in the government personnel in charge of processing approval. 

Hence, rest assured that our system has always been accurate in supporting all critical forms – TP3, CP 21, CP 22, CP22A, CP 58, Form E, STD2, EA.

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In Part F of Form EA, you can file for tax exemptions for certain benefits-in-kind that can reduce your overall chargeable income. Find out how.

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Software Updates – Talenox Singapore

On top of enabling IR8A Filing, submissions for Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, and Form IR8S are available in our system. And they are IRAS-approved processes!

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You head over to the IRAS site but there’s information everywhere. You’re not sure which form(s) IRAS wants you to fill. Where do you start?

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IR8A Simplified for Employers

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Here’s a simple guide on IR8A filing for employers – from how to complete the form to when the form must be completed.

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Software Updates – Talenox Global

1) Leave App

You can now set leave applications to be approved in a certain order, based on the level of the approver. For example, you can arrange the leave approval process that ensures the 1st level approver must approve the leave before 2nd level approver receives an email to approve or reject the leave application.

2) Profiles App

Job titles and departments can be auto-completed. This means you won’t need to re-type job titles and department names in full, as seen in the animated screenshot preview below.

Cluster companies (i.e. companies with multiple entities under them) can now filter and search by company name. See the screen-record preview below.

Companies that have multiple entities under them can ping us to request a Cluster Discount. For example, if you have 3 companies in Singapore and 1 company in Malaysia, you qualify for our cluster discount!

Employee search is now faster. We have engineered our system to make this process almost instant.

3) Payroll App

GST will be charged for all invoices. If you have credits in our system, they do not have GST charged to it. The reason is that we only charge for actual collected payment on your credit card.

Hence, if you have paid annually previously, no GST will be deducted from your invoice. This is because annual payment is given credits into your Talenox subscription.

More updates to come…

Malaysia rates update to deploy on April 1, 2020. The Malaysian Government announced that employees’ minimum EPF contribution will reduce by 4% (from 11% to 7%)! As this will be in effect from Apr 1 to Dec 31, 2020, we are engineering our system in tandem with this change.

Talenox Singapore app will soon help users with IR21 submissions. This form needs to be filed for Foreign & SPR Employees’ tax clearance.

1) Leave App

Automating leave versioning. You may have a leave policy change in the company that requires everyone’s leave balances to increase. For now, you will need to calculate the difference manually now and adjust it. If you change the balance instead of calculating manually, the number of leave balances carried forward will increase in the system.

However, rest assured that our upcoming leave versioning can make this automated. This is because we have engineered our system to remember the old leave policy and give an accurate balance based on the new policy increase!

2) Payroll App

Faster payment processing with integrations. We have upcoming direct bank integrations for Singapore and Malaysia that are currently P&C at the moment. In other words, this means much faster and more accurate payments, with these integrations coming to fruition in the future.

3) Profile App

Discounts for Talenox Partners. In the future, Talenox partners can enjoy free accounting integration, either Xero or Quickbooks on their FREE companies accounts. Also, they will have no minimum headcount charge when they upgrade to the SUITE plan.

You can be an Affiliate with Talenox too. And it’s free to join!

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