Talenox Launches New Partners Program for Payroll Experts and Marketing Affiliates

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Talenox is proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting Partners Program. We welcome you to join as a Payroll Expert or a (Marketing) Affiliate to create a progressive HR ecosystem for small and medium businesses. The new Talenox Partners Program aims to bring together various products and services mainly in the Human Resources and HR Tech industry.

From HR consulting services to automated staffing platforms, we want you to join us if are an advocate for serving the small business community (a bonus if you also believe in win-win partnerships).

As a partner, you will now have a bigger opportunity to deliver a range of world-class HR-related products and services to your clients. You may also be rewarded with cash and/or credit with program tier levels (for Payroll Experts), and free marketing opportunities with other brands working with us (for Affiliates).

If your business is focused on delivering HR or HR Tech services to small and medium businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong, and possibly Malaysia, the new Partners Program is a perfect fit for you.


Partners may fall under one or more of the Partner types listed below:


We understand that accounting firms, HR/Payroll outsourcing companies and corporate secretariats that offer payroll services are increasingly looking at integrated solutions to extend their suite of services. An example would be a one-click redirection to Xero (Accounting software) embedded in the Talenox system.

Payroll Experts work closely with us on the Sales and Business Development front. Serving mainly as HR and Payroll Consultants, Accountants, and Corporate Secretariats, our Payroll Experts reap financial rewards in the form of tiered cash-back rebates or Talenox credits as they bring their more clients onto our system.

Talenox is one of the few HR SaaS solutions that is integrated to Xero and Quickbooks Online accounting platforms. As we integrate with more solutions, we help automate more processes for our Payroll Experts and their clients, while rewarding them financially.


We recognise that lead generation efforts that use high-value inbound marketing techniques (e.g. content creation, content sharing, link-building) and targeted outbound marketing efforts (e.g. co-hosted events) are critical to the successful growth of a progressive company.

Affiliates work closely with us on the Marketing front. We share resources to perform co-marketing activities several times a year to achieve greater brand visibility, or to promote specific marketing campaigns by leveraging on each others’ networks. Some examples include guest blogging and co-hosting of events.


We currently have over 30 Singapore and Hong Kong brands in our new Partners Program. About two-thirds comprise of Payroll Experts.


Our Payroll Experts must be existing Talenox subscribers. They usually onboard at least two companies (excluding their own) in the first year.

This fits the general profile of our current Payroll Experts:

  • Accounting Firms, HR/Payroll Outsourcing Companies, Corporate Secretariats that run payroll services
  • Preferably a homegrown brand
  • Technologically-savvy (users of other SaaS solutions like Xero and QBO)
  • Targets small to medium-sized businesses
  • Has the desire to grow fast


On the other hand, our Affiliates need not be existing Talenox subscribers. Instead, they are usually companies that have similar target audiences as ours. They are able to offer a unique, ongoing incentive to our Talenox clients when they use their products/services.

This fits the general profile of our current Affiliates:

  • Preferably a homegrown brand
  • Belongs in the HR Tech Industry (e.g. Recruitment, Benefits, etc.). Certain exceptions may be granted if there is a strong alignment in clientele served
  • Technologically-savvy
  • Targets small businesses
  • Strong belief in branding and digital marketing through content
  • Desire to serve the local business community


We will be updating our Partners listing on our website by August 2017. If you are ready to get started and take advantage of the benefits the new program has to offer, please visit our Payroll Experts or Affiliates page pertaining to your country of business and sign up from there. Alternatively, you drop us an email at growth@talenox.com with the subject line “Talenox Partners Program”.

There are no sign-up fees or contracts. All you need to do is to sign up (mentioned above), fill out a form, and possibly have a coffee with any of us to determine your eligibility as a partner.

We’ll also send you a brochure of our new Partners Program with more in-depth information, so you’ll know what to expect.

Once your membership is approved, you’ll see your company’s listing on our website.


Unfortunately, no. Partner membership is qualified on an annual basis, a year from which the partner first joined, or when the membership was last renewed.

Please take note that Payroll Experts and Affiliates have different conditions on maintaining their eligibility. You may find out more in our brochure once you have signed up.

If you believe in a win-win partnership, drop us a message on either the Payroll Experts or Affiliates page to sign up for our new Talenox Partners program. We look forward to working alongside you.

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