StaffAny: Helping businesses leverage on tech to make it through this pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic did not just have a devastating impact on healthcare and society. It has dominated economic and business matters, unlike anything we’ve seen in recent history. As the global workforce adjusts to remote working plans, some brick and mortar businesses do not have that same luxury. However, every cloud has a silver lining. And we are here to help with cloud technology adoption together with our integration partner, StaffAny!

What does StaffAny do?

The StaffAny Team
The StaffAny Team

StaffAny is a Singapore-based software-as-a-service startup that helps businesses reduce work dedicated to scheduling and time-tracking. They help reduce the cost of operations by minimising time theft and overtime spend.

StaffAny is being used at your favourite F&B and retail outlets, logistics and more. They focus their attention on hourly workforce management and aim to transform the future of work.

What is new?

StaffAny CICO
StaffAny CICO: Integrated with SafeEntry for a single log-in feature

Last week, StaffAny launched CICO that integrates its basic workforce management system with government-stipulated regulation, SafeEntry. CICO eliminates the hassle of having to log-in multiple times to declare health status and attendance. It replaces biometrics and punchcards! 

In addition to the convenience of the single log-in feature, CICO provides real-time updates to employees and managers. This provides businesses with a peace of mind that staff are complying with necessary measures. 

How does this help my business?

Employee at Foreword Coffee Roasters checking in with StaffAny
Employee at Foreword Coffee Roasters checking in with StaffAny

While developing CICO, StaffAny came to a realization that many SMEs have not yet adopted digital check-in solutions. Hardwares such as biometric authentication and punchcards are still extremely prevalent in workplaces.

Aside from curbing the inefficiencies previously mentioned, CICO aims to reduce the COVID hazard of such high physical touch hardware systems. 

CICO will eliminate the need to touch a card or a machine or congregate in certain areas. The data is immediately uploaded to the cloud so that managers can check live timesheets. This allows managers to oversee attendance for multiple outlets without physical visits.

Why now?

Firstly, as part of the new normal, it is a requirement for workplaces to implement SafeEntry and Temperature Logging.

Secondly, StaffAny has pledged to provide CICO as a service for free till the end of 2020. For many SMEs, this will be a big step in the right direction of digital transformation, so what are you waiting for!

Lastly, the team at StaffAny are great integration partners with the Talenox family!

Why is StaffAny doing this?

It is undeniable that the pandemic has severely affected the Singapore economy, especially for the F&B, retail and tourism sector. For SMEs where resources are not as fluid, lockdowns can mean a ‘make it or break it’ scenario. We think we should do our best to extend this gesture to help our SMEs reopen safely.

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“We decided that this is a meaningful opportunity to help companies beyond our customers to manage their compliance with these regulations, by giving them for free until the end of the year,” said Janson Seah, Co-founder, StaffAny

What do people think?

“We started using StaffAny’s full enterprise solution about a year ago, to help us in scheduling our part-time employees and sort out payroll. It definitely made our lives easier. When the circuit breaker measures rolled out, we found the multiple log-ins – first for SafeEntry and then for our own clock-in system with StaffAny – a hassle. So, I pestered StaffAny to introduce a feature in their enterprise solution that would integrate with SafeEntry and save us time. And we’re certainly happy that they did!

This integration has saved us a lot of time, which we have spent focusing on developing new initiatives to engage better with our customers. Businesses like ours want to stay open to provide an essential service. At the same time, we want to comply with various safety measures to keep our staff, customers, and Singapore safe. CICO has been great in helping us to do both,” said Kevin Ngan, Owner, Good Luck Beerhouse.

What is in for our Talenox family?

talenox and staffany
Talenox X StaffAny: One- Stop HR Solution

That’s not all! For Talenox users, StaffAny is offering an additional 2 months usage if you quote ‘TALENOXROX’ 

Learn about StaffAny CICO here .

Feel free to reach out to the StaffAny Team at should you have any questions, or click here to schedule an onboarding webinar for CICO!

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