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For all you visual learners out there, we’ve created a quick guide on how to use Talenox’s payroll software.

A little history here

The first payroll software was developed, so as to cut down time and energy costs required to perform calculations for salaries and taxes.

As more competitors entered the space, users started expecting more of what their payroll software should do for them. Besides cutting down on the time and effort spent on manual processes, a good payroll software should have some intelligence built in, and should be at least easy on the eyes (i.e. clean design).


What platforms should be

Platforms today should be built around these features : Integration, Mobile, Analytics, and Simple User Experience.

– Josh Bersin.

Talenox wants to be your preferred platform

At Talenox, we realised that many legacy platforms were still using 1st-generation payroll software methodologies. They were built on old-school technology stacks, and were not as advanced in terms of user-friendliness.

To counter this, Talenox decided to focus on building the most integrated, intelligent, and intuitive Human Capital platform.

To date, our valued clients love that our platform is easy to use, reducing massive amounts of time spent on learning how to use the system. 

We believe in always putting ourselves in the shoes of our users, and pushing our limits and boundaries in creating a super intuitive payroll software.

Want to see how easy it is to use the first app we created? Check out our Payroll app.

But let’s get to the main gist of the article (we’ve probably already bored you enough with the details on top). Here’s a quick visual guide on how to use our payroll software:


A disclaimer

Talenox is constantly evolving, as we are creating and refining features that truly matter. Don’t be shocked if our interface looks different a few months down the road. A new guide or demo will be available by then for you.

Have fun with payroll using Talenox!  🙂


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