[How-to] Set up Your QuickBooks Integration, Push Payroll Records to QuickBooks

talenox quickbooks integration
Reading Time: 2 minutes

[Part 1] Quickly set up your Talenox-QuickBooks Online integration

You will need:

  • One computer or laptop
  • A Talenox admin account
  • An Intuit QuickBooks Online account
  • A few minutes of your time

Once set up, this Talenox-QuickBooks Online integration will unify your company’s payroll and accounting process. This means no more manual export of payroll records to add to your books, fewer errors in your ledger, and of course more time to handle other important matters. Find out more here: https://www.talenox.com.sg/quickbooks/

Here’s a visual step-by-step guide to connecting Talenox to your QuickBooks Online account:

(Click on the View Fullscreen icon to have a clearer view)

[Part 2] One-click transfer of payroll records to QuickBooks Online

You will need:

  • A computer or laptop
  • A Talenox admin account
  • An Intuit QuickBooks Online account
  • Roughly a minute of your time

Once you click “QuickBooks” under the Export tab, the Talenox Payroll app will break payroll records down into specific pay items. You can choose to split them up into individual employee entries or lump them together by cost centres. Have a look here:

(Click on the View Fullscreen icon to have a clearer view)

Need help setting up your integration? Log in to your Talenox account and talk to us on the in-app chat!

FYI, Talenox conducts a FREE training session every month to educate users like you on how the Profiles, Payroll, and Leave apps work. During these sessions, we also talk about country-specific tax stipulations and HR regulations. Find out when the next edition of our HR Tech Clinic is on here.

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