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This month, we’re excited to announce that we have officially launched a deeper integration with Xero. Over the next few months, we will be working with Xero to enrich the experience for our shared customers.

As you may already know, we have long been a Xero app partner, committed to delivering something beyond software – an experience that truly encapsulates what it means to provide a user with streamlined efficiency, reliability, and freedom of choice.

We are impressed by the Xero team’s pursuit for innovative technologies, and their ability to transform some of the most complex financial concepts into an enjoyable journey for the user. With this, we’ve decided to deepen our integration on all fronts.

What to expect in the upcoming months


  • Achieve faster workflows between HR/Payroll and Accounting data points
  • Sign In with Xero and Sign Up with Xero: Using your existing Xero or Talenox account, sign up for either software in one click
  • Xero 0Auth 2.0: A more secure integration between the two applications
  • Smarter data sync: Say goodbye to duplicate or multiple entries in Xero when you reprocess payroll in Talenox
  • From Talenox:
    • break down every export grouping by directors’ amount
    • break down payments by employees or cost centres
    • push payroll data easily to Xero’s tracking categories
    • option to push to expenses (bills) or manual journal in Xero
  • From Talenox, option to send everything in a single bill, and/or option to split the bill by per employee 
  • Both applications support integration for multiple currencies / multi-currency data points

Our biggest integration yet

For any small or medium-sized software company, integrations are a painful balancing act.

On the one hand, there could be potential upside in new customer base expansion, or increased existing customer spend.

On the other hand, integrations take a heavy toll on resources, especially manpower. Every minute your team spends building integrations with other companies is a minute they’re not spending fixing bugs or improving/marketing the core product offering.

With Xero, this is our biggest integration yet – and we couldn’t be any more convinced that this partnership justifies itself. Xero and Talenox can now create a unified customer journey that brings our users delight – through simplifying workflows, sharing business insights, and having shorter sales cycles through marketing automation and support.

About Talenox

Talenox is a free HR software that offers the quickest way to manage your company’s payroll and leave. With Talenox, you can run HR processes with a clear picture of every employee’s details from one central dashboard.

Upgrade to a SUITE account and you’ll have access to a plethora of advanced features – from bank file exports to integrations with reputed business platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks and Deputy.

Nominated Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia, Talenox’s partnership with Asia’s leading banks will make your bank file exports and payroll processes especially seamless.

Tax filing for your businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong will also be seamless. Because Talenox prepares country-specific employment regulations and pre-set calculations for these markets.

If you have business(es) beyond these three markets, fret not! Just check in with the team on the set-ups needed for those at, or drop us a message directly on our website at

Connect with Xero

Want to know more about what it takes to become a beautiful business? Find out more about how you can get started by taking a closer look at Xero’s online accounting software:


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