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SINGAPORE – It is official. This is not an April Fools’ joke. Firms are to issue Itemised Payslips from 1st April 2016 as changes to the Employment Act kicks in. As such, more firms have been looking around for itemised payslips solutions, such as Talenox,  to help them automate their payroll and generate electronic or hard copy payslips.

As reported on The Straits Times:


“Firms will (also) need to provide key employment terms, such as working arrangements, main duties and fixed salary deductions, in writing.”

Payslips, which can be in hard or soft copy format, must detail items such as a worker’s basic salary, deductions and overtime hours worked.”

“Employers who do not follow the new rules can be fined. But the Manpower Ministry (MOM) reiterated in a press release on Thursday (March 31) that it will adopt a light-touch enforcement approach for the first year, and will focus on educating employers about the changes.”

To download a sample Itemised Payslips template, you can refer to our previous article, “Itemised Payslips for Business Owners in Singapore,” or head over to read Ministry of Manpower’s article for more information.

How Talenox Works

Still not convinced? See how Talenox can be your chosen itemised payslips solution, and help you process payroll and generate payslips in just 3 steps:

Join 100+ local SMEs and get started on Talenox. If you are switching from an existing solution, no worries – our super friendly support team will help you with the entire setup either through in-app live chat, a phone call, or if needed, through a physical meeting. Alternatively, feel free to explore the system on your own. We’re designed to create a first-class HR experience for everyone.  Have fun!

Learn more about how we can make your life simpler. Try Talenox today from only SGD $30/month. Jump on the bandwagon to issue itemised payslips now. Talenox offers a 30-day free trial to all new signups.

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