Slideshare How-To: Guide to CPF File Upload for Singapore Payroll

A good payroll system should make your life easier – by 1) shortening the amount of time put in, and 2) by lessening the amount of effort expended. A great payroll system should not just fulfill the above two criteria, but also allow for menial tasks to completed in a smarter way. This means that it should make it super easy to upload your Central Provident Fund (CPF) data on the CPF Employer portal, through a CPF PAL file.

But first, what is a PAL file?

A CPF PAL file is a .txt file that has a naming starting with the CPF Submission Number (CSN), followed by month and a certain code.  An example will be  201417072CPTE01AUG201459.txt.

As an employer, once you have the CF PAL file, log in to CPF Employer portal to perform an e-submission.  Do note that you would have to set up this account upon receiving the mail from CPF.  If not, you have to do so through this CPF link.

At the login page, you will require SingPass and CSN.  Choose e-submission and you will be shown with the page below.  Follow these few steps below and you’ll be done in 3 – 4 minutes.

Congratulations! You’ve just learnt how to upload your CPF file. This means you no longer have to manually set up your employee database every single time you want to submit CPF.

Oh, and before we forget – the deadline for CPF submission is the 14th of the following month of payroll.  This means that if your company’s payroll is on May 2014, your CPF submission must be in by 14th Jun 2014. 🙂


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