[Free New Tool] Singapore Prorated Salary Calculator

Salary Proration Calculator
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We’ve just released a new HR tool for everyone!


Talenox’s very own Singapore Prorated Salary / Salary for Incomplete Month of Work Calculator.

Salary Proration Calculator


Who benefits from this:

1) Singapore Citizens & Permanent Residents

2) Business owners

3) HR managers / executives

4) Monthly-rated employees

5) Those in Service industries who may work on weekends

6) Those who worked an incomplete month


How to use the calculator:

1) Key in your Monthly Basic Pay + Bonuses (if any)

2) Select your Start and End Dates of Work for the month

3) Select your required Work Days Per Week (either 5, 5.5 or 6 according to MOM)

4) Calculate your prorated salary


This is our second calculator release. Check out our first – CPF Contribution Calculator.


At Talenox, our vision is to design systems for people first. We pride ourselves in creating products that is delightful to use. Since our inception, we continuously strive to make painful Human Resource functions such as running payroll and managing employee leave easy to use. With a full self-serve platform, anyone (even non-HR professionals) can experience our online software for free. Try out our 30-day trial.


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