COVID-19 Tips: 3 Productivity Apps For Working From Home (and They’re Free!)

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As of Feb 7, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had advised businesses to allow remote working. This was after the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (Dorscon) alert raised to Orange amid COVID-19. With changes to routines in effect, you may be concerned with how this affects your productivity at work.

At Talenox, we’ve always had the option to work from home. And we know for a fact that it is possible to keep productivity up and business running just as smoothly in a remote work setting. After all, you just need the right productivity apps that harness automation. 

Here are our favourite productivity apps for working from home – namely remote communication, project management and human resource management.

1) For Remote Communication: Slack

Slack is one of the most popular apps for remote communication and millions use it every day. We love it because it provides a single place for teams to share messages, tools and files as well as stay up to date. Aside from streamlining all working communication and contacts, Slack allows you to also create specific channels for certain projects which you can chat in publicly, within groups or in private.

With an instant messenger approach to communication, everyone can be contactable anywhere and anytime. Take for instance, Fox Sports’ use of the Slack app. From covering the FIFA World Cup across continents to organizing day-to-day communication, Fox Sports use Slack channels to keep on track. After all, the Slack channels allowed every producer to share crucial real-time coverage of the FIFA World Cup™, from highlights and notable celebrity tweets to videos of fans celebrating across the globe.

2) For Project Management: Basecamp

While Slack is great for instant messaging, Basecamp is the asynchronous communication hub that organises discussions way better than emails. For Talenox, Basecamp is our one-stop-shop for remote teams to discuss campaigns, link important company docs, as well as assign to-do tasks to different teams or individuals.

With everyone working remotely amid COVID-19, it’s easy to keep track of our projects’ progress on Basecamp. After all, the project management tool helps us break work into separate projects. Moreover, each project contains everything related to the task.

3) For Human Resource Management: Talenox

At the core of every organisation’s business ethic, paying employees on time is non-negotiable – regardless of the circumstances. Hence, it is important to ensure your payroll processes can execute on time and accurately regardless of any unplanned interruptions, even amid COVID-19.

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It’s possible with an HR payroll software that helps you:

With Talenox as our HR payroll software product, we are glad that we can help thousands of companies reduce direct human interaction for these HR processes. After all, it is important that companies can still manage their HR tasks with ease during this difficult period.

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