6 Thrill-Seeking Team Bonding Activities in Singapore For 2020

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Companies like to bring their employees out for a little team bonding once in a while but most of the time, the bonding activities are either a typical picnic or a small lunch. Of course there’s nothing wrong with those ideas, it’s just that it won’t be memorable to them. 

If you’re planning a company retreat or bonding session, try spicing things up by including some of these adventurous activities perfect for large groups of people! These activities are sure to have your employees bragging about it to their friends and families. 

credits : North West CDC

Paintball Turf Club

“Start your bonding by shooting each other with paint!” While these paintball guns can pack quite a punch (speaking from experience), paintball is a great activity that can create a sense of healthy competition between colleagues. 

Randomize your team into groups and pit them against one another in a competition to receive a prize, or have a free-for-all and see what happens. Whatever the process, the outcome will always be the same; a bunch of paint-covered people laughing and play fighting with those that shot them. 

Credits: littledayout

Go-Karts @ Turf Club

Another activity available at the Turf Club fit for groups of people. Go-Karting is super-duper fun for people of all ages. Nothing beats racing around a track in a tiny, really loud, box-on-wheels and trying to compete for the best times or for first place. 

The kart arena is designed by world-renowned F1 track designer Hermann Tilke and is a 1km long track full of turns and even a straightway where karts can achieve their maximum speed of more than 100km/h. 

Credits: Sentosa 

High Elements @ Sentosa

The Mega Adventure Park at Sentosa includes a variety of adrenaline-filled activities such as ziplining, climbing obstacle courses and a bungee-assisted trampoline that lets you jump up to 8m high!

If your team may not be too keen on sweating in Singapore’s terrible weather. Here are some indoor activities that are just as fun for the team!

Credits: Zero Latency

Zero Latency

Zero Latency is a large scale VR gaming experience situated at 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-346/347 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983. The venue can fit up to 8 people in a game, placing them in a variety of games. 

Every one of their games require constant communication as well as heavily relying on teamwork to get objectives done. You could also create internal competitions to see which team works best which can really get people in the zone. 

Credits: Axe Factor

Axe Throwing @ Turf Club

Axe-throwing is another one of those places to vent frustrations but can also be a great place for your team to bond. As with anything that requires a level of skill, creating a competition amongst your colleagues is a great way to bond. 

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Because most of them wouldn’t have had any knowledge or experience throwing an axe, there won’t be anyone who will have an advantage. This is also great for people to find hidden talents and surprise their colleagues which is sure to bring laughter at your next get together.

Credits: Fox Laser Tag

Laser Tag @ Stadium

Laser tag is really popular amongst corporates as a bonding event. Much like the other activities, laser tag can foster teamwork and cohesion between colleagues. This gives employees a chance to work with those they hardly interact with. 

This can help them form new bonds and friendships as well as being able to understand their colleagues better. They’re located at 200 Jln Sultan, #03-17B, Singapore 199018. 

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